NTU (National Taiwan University), being the first integrated and most prestigious institution of higher education has taken up the responsibility of promoting the level of academic research study and teaching in NTU. Medical Informatics Lab(NTUMIL) aim to promote College of Medicine and University Hospital utilize new technological achievements and information network, to establish advanced systems and computerized environment for more advanced research and healthcare services.

Supports research projects including e-learning, telemedicine, ubiquitous healthcare(u-Health), and electronic health records development, and international collaboration including  the Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) Medical  Working group and Telemedicine Development Center of Asia (TEMDEC)
E-learning Support :
Provides XMS, Speech, Sites (this website) Video Center (Video streaming) server for NTUCM faculty and students with the support services in teaching and learning, based on the theoretically combined concepts and ideas of Instructional Design and Learning Technology.
Videoconference Support:
Provides following Technology :

 1. DVTS (Digital Video Transport System: SD-quality, free software, 30Mbps
 2. DVTS-plus: Multi-point connection software for DVTS , >30Mbps
 3. H.323 Video Conference Systems:SD/HD-quality, several Mbps. Basically, each  product  (H.323 standards) is compatible with one another. Medical Informatics Lab can support Polycom  & Lifesize
 4. ClearSea Softphone: P2P style Video Conferencing Software:SD/HD-quality, 2Mbps @ 30fps @ H.264 @ 1080p 
 5. JoinNet: HomeMeeting's client software ,128Kbps
 6. Video streaming service. Video Center, PMS.
Information Management :
Network Management
Plan for network environment to support  research and administration.
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