Progress to help each of the future graduate candidate(by Chwan-Chuen King)
Dear Young Friends: 

 Since we have 5 graduates with higher degree and two BS students this summer including prof Kao's doctor degree, Molly, PeiYi, HsiuPing, PeiChuan's master degrees plus TsungHua and ChinYin Chen's BS degree, I have to work super-efficient. Therefore, I plan to meet with you at least once per week and those who needs most help such as HsiuPing will be twice per week to make sure graduation on time. This week, I already talked to PeiChuan once, PeiYi and Little Tiger once, Prof Kao, Little Tiger twice, ChinYi once and TsungHua plus Malaysia student once, ChiaKun once, Little Tiger's thesis once. Thanks for your active matching with my busy time schedule. PeiChuan's data and ChinYi's efforts have a lot of progress. TsungHua's Chinese review article on dengue public health policy was submitted after 3 month efforts.  Since ALL part-time students are busy after mid-term, I do NOT have any person to receive the telephone. WOuld you please just come down to the 5fh floor to help my working efficiency once I have the appointment time with you. 

  Could Molly and HsiuPing give me 2-3 time slots that are most convenient for you. In addition, remind ChiaKun to have his 1st committee review as early as possible and the letter of asking time has to be out and decide early this week because all June and early July are graduates with higher priority. HsiuPing's and Molly's 2nd committee review can be around end of May.  ALL Monday to Friday evenings are open for this year's graduates plus weekend unless I have other duties. I have to be very frankly with you that I have to write several grants due to shortage of our team money and also the problems of 署立醫院 that I have some tasks/duties 署長 assigned and most of these troublesome hospitals are out of Taipei. 

  I encourage you to sleep earlier before 23:30 and do most writings in early morning from now on. If you can put more efforts, it will be easier for me. Thanks for Little Tiger to help me to make sure our team has more productive efforts and publications.