Health Research in FP7
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Health is a major theme of the Specific Programme on Cooperation under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), with a total budget of €6.1 billion over the duration of FP7. The objective of the Workprogramme 2010 on Cooperation in the health field is to improve the health of European citizens and increase the competitiveness and boost the innovative capacity of European health-related industries and businesses, while addressing global health issues including emerging epidemics.
Emphasis has been put on translational research (translation of basic discoveries in clinical applications including scientific validation of experimental results), the development and validation of new therapies, methods for health promotion and prevention including promotion of child health, healthy ageing, diagnostic tools and medical technologies, as well as sustainable and efficient healthcare systems.
European-funded health research will focus on three pillars:
Biotechnology, generic tools and technologies for human health
☆High-throughput research enhancing data generation, standardisation,
    acquisition & analysis
☆Detection, diagnosis and monitoring with emphasis on non-invasive
    or minimally invasive approaches
☆Predicting suitability, safety and efficacy of therapies develop and validate       
   parameters, tools, methods and standards (mainly through IMI) and alternatives to 
   animal testing
☆Innovative therapeutic approaches and interventions gene and cell therapy,
    regenerative medicine, immunotherapy and vaccines
Translating research for human health
☆Integrating biological data and processes: large-scale data gathering, systems 
☆Research on the brain and related diseases, human development and ageing
☆Translational research in major infectious diseases to confront major threats to
    public healthantimicrobial drug resistance, HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB, emerging
    epidemics, neglected infectious diseases
☆Translational research in other major diseases:
    cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, rare diseases, and other 
    chronic diseases

Optimising the delivery of health care to European citizens
☆Translating clinical research into clinical practice patient safety,
    better use of medicines, benchmarking, pharmacovigilance, etc.
☆Quality, efficiency and solidarity of health care systems organisational
    and financial aspects, health systems, etc.
☆Enhanced health promotion and disease prevention providing evidence of best
   public health measures – life styles, interventions, special focus on mental health, 
Funding schemes:
CP-FP (Collaborative Project-Small or medium-scale Focused research project)
CP-IP (Collaborative Project-Large scale Integrating Project)
NoE (Network of Excellence)
CA (Coordination and Support Action - Coordinating Action)
SA (Coordination and Support Action - Supporting Action)

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