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2013 NCP Meeting
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Visit by ISCIII
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2012 16th November NTUCM FP Seminar
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2012 13th July NTUCM FP7 Briefing
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2012 13th July Prof. Locquet visit NTUCM
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2012 6th July NCKU Briefing
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visiting NHRI and ITRI
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2012 29th-31st May, Brussels
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DG Stéphane Hogan's visit to Taiwan
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Prof. Peter CHANG visits East Europe in Feb. 2012
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Dr. Rollet visits Swiss
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1124-25 NCP meeting at Brussel
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08175th Health calls Info-day
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0727 5th Health calls Info-day
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0512/13 Symposium on EU-Taiwan Research Cooperation in Framework Programme
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0429 Bio/Health NCP Joint Info-day
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0324 Thematic NCPs Joint Info-day
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0305 Thematic NCPs Joint Info-day
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2011.07.13 Health/NMP/Environment NCP Info Seminar
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