by Ti-Chuang Chiang 江堤莊, 2012-01-14 10:36, 人氣(1523)
by Ti-Chuang Chiang 江堤莊, 2010-08-27 11:28, 人氣(1739)
When the TV conferencing system is used, the compatibility problem cannot be disregarded. Even if the same standard is used, the TV conferencing system might not be able to be connected.

We Kyushu University is using "Tanbarg Codian MCU". This MCU can connect the TV conferencing system of 20 points at the same time.

Moreover, the video can be delivered to 40 points by the video streaming. And, the TV conferencing system of the main manufacturer can be connected with this MCU. We connect with MCU of Kyushu University by this demonstration, and introduce it to everybody.