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Asian Pacific Roundtable on the European Union Studies

Topic: Foreign and EU Policies of Asia Pacific Countries in the emerging new regional orders
Date: 29-30th, Jan. 2013
Venue: Hualien, Taiwan

Call for papers(Deadline: abstract-- 10th Dec. 2013, full paper-- 15th Jan. 2013)

This annual roundtable has been organized by all the EU Centres in the Asia Pacific since 2009. On 29-31st Jan. 2013, this Asia Pacific Roundtable on the EU Studies will be hosted by the EU Centre in Taiwan (EUTW) at Don Hwa University in Hua Lien, Taiwan. 

In the past two decades, numerous articles and books studied the strategies and policies of the EU vis-à-vis Asia and the individual Asian countries. On the contrary, until now, no systemic research has ever focused on the strategies and policies of Asian countries vis-à-vis the EU. The lack of such study is regretful in particular as new regional orders are emerging both in Asia and in Europe. Therefore, the Asia-Pacific Roundtable on the EU in 2013 will focus on the “Foreign and EU policies of Asian Pacific countries in the emerging new regional orders”. Throughout the debate, we like to understand

1. Development of the EU policies of Asia-Pacific countries
2. Asian perception of the emerging regional orders in Europe and in Asia
3. Asian interpretation of the Euro Crisis and EU model in all fields
4. Inter-regional cooperation between Europe and Asia
5. EU and Asian countries in the new global governance

Each paper presenter shall submit an abstract of 300-400 words to EUTW no later than 10th Dec. 2012. He/She shall then present a paper with footnotes of 7000-8000 words. After the conference, the EUTW will collect all the revised papers for peer review. The peer reviewed papers will then be published as a book/proceeding by the NTU Press or other prestigious publisher if EUTW finds budget for this publication.

For each paper presenter in the Republic of China, the EUTW will cover the traffic cost between his/her home town and Hua Lien City and living cost for three nights between 28th and 30th Jan. 2013 in Hua Lien. All paper presenters shall submit their conference papers to the EUTW no later before 15th Jan. 2013.

Contact: Ms. Chen 
Email: pennychen17@ntu.edu.tw
Tel: +886 2 2351-9641 ext. 352