2010 6月8日將於比利時布魯塞爾舉辦FP7及醫療研究Open Info-day,歡迎報名參加!
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Open information day on FP7 and health research, Brussels, Belgium


An open information day on the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and health research will be held on 8 June 2010 in Brussels, Belgium.

Organised by the Research Directorate-General of the European Commission, the event aims to highlight the new aspects of the Health Research Work Programme for 2011. This includes providing guidance on proposal preparation and facilitating matchmaking.

The programme consists of plenary sessions and several parallel sessions on participating in the FP7 'Health' theme, including:
- an overview of the theme and draft Work Programme for 2011,
- participating in an EU-funded project,
- strategic planning for small and medium-sized enterprises,
- focusing on clinical trials,
- the High Impact Research Initiative,
- research without borders/international cooperation,
- steps to success when participating in an EU-funded project,
- coordinating health research communication.

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Subject Index: Coordination, Cooperation; Life Sciences; Medical biotechnology; Medicine, Health; Scientific Research; Veterinary and animal sciences

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*請有意願一同前往參加Health Open Info-day之學者及研究人員由網站上方聯絡我們寫信與
Health NCP專員林姿吟小姐聯繫。

暫定行程: 6/05 夜自台北出發
                  6/06 中午抵Brussels
                  6/07-8 Health NCP會議及Open Info-day
                  6/09 訪歐盟DG Research及比利時NCP
                  6/10 離比利時
                  6/11 抵台北