2010 7月1-3日將於法國里昂舉辦eHealth國際會議
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The International Conference on eHealth Networking, Application and Services, Lyon, France
Event date:2010-07-01

The 12th International Conference on eHealth Networking, Application and Services (HEALTHCOM 2010) will take place on 1 to 3 July 2010 in Lyon, France.

Telecommunications and networks are not only enabling technologies for telemedicine in remote and rural locations, but also for continuous health monitoring out of hospital, at home, and during sports, leisure or professional activities. HEALTHCOM 2010 is an opportunity to bring together interested parties from around the world working in the health care field to exchange ideas, to discuss innovative and emerging solutions and to develop collaborations.

Participants are set to include clinicians, hospital administrators, information technology professionals, researchers, educators, healthcare solutions vendors, and consultants. The event is also an important forum for discussions on eHealth projects sponsored by world bodies such as the World Health Organisation and European Commission, including Framework Programme projects.

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