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2nd Open Call for Internships and Fellowships

The 2nd Open Call for internship/fellowships has been published.
The VideoSense Fellowship Programme is a funding and support programme for exceptionally qualified researchers in the field of ‘Ethically-guided and Privacy-respecting Video Analytics’. It offers funding for young researchers (postgraduate or postdoctoral) and support for senior researchers (scientific group leaders).

The overall aim of the programme is to empower young researchers and to promote senior researchers’ knowledge, in the scientific field of ‘Ethically-guided and Privacy-respecting Video Analytics’.

The programme regards research within the scientific field of ethically-aware data and video analytics with a synergy and integrated approach.
Deadline for submissions of relevant documentation:31st August 2012
Documents available in web above webpage.
Please consult the FAQ about the necessary documentation.

The VideoSense Fellowship Programme was conceived and initiated by VideoSense Network of Excellence, which is co-funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme.

About VideoSense
VideoSense (www.videosense.eu) is a Network of Excellence (NoE), a European Union funded research project running through the years 2011 to 2015 that aims at integrating leading European research groups in the scientific fields of ‘Ethically-Guided, and, Privacy Preserving Video Analytics.‘
More Information

Detailed and up-to-date information on the programme (e.g. eligibility criteria, application procedure etc.) is available at the VideoSense website (www.videosense.eu) or by emailing the Project Coordinator:
                The VideoSense Project Coordinator
                Professor Atta Badii
                E-mail: atta.badii@reading.ac.uk