2011/6/7-10 比利時布魯塞爾Info Day
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[標題] 2011/6/7-10 比利時布魯塞爾Info Day

Press release


Taiwan Health NCP participates to the 2011 Open Information Day for FP7 Health Research in Brussels (June 7th-10th, 2011).


On June 9th, Prof. Peter Chang and Dr. Vincent Rollet, respectively, co-investigator and advisor of the Taiwan Health NCP participate with Dr. Chung-Ming Chang from Chang-Gung University as well as M. Roger Liu and M. Chun-Chi Chiang from Genomics BioSci &Tech. Co. Ltd to the 2011 Open Information Day for FP7 Health Research organized in Brussels by the European Commission (Research and Innovation DG - Directorate Health).
 (Taiwan Health NCP delegates and Taiwan SME representatives)
(Plenary session, Open Information Day, FP7 Health Research)
The aim of the Open Information Day for FP7 Health Research was to highlight the priorities, novelties and special features of the 2012 Work Programme. During that event which gathered more than 600 participants, Taiwan health NCP had the opportunity to join number of plenary and parallel sessions, involving relevant Commission officials as well as testimonials from participants and multipliers, to discuss and network with other participants and to promote Taiwan research and researchers at the European level.
(Plenary session, Open Information Day, FP7 Health Research)

Before and after this annual event, Taiwan Health NCP also participated to several activities and events related to health research with the EU.


On June 07th, Taiwan Health NCP attended an international conference on “Cooperation with East Europe and Central Asia (EECA) in Health Research” organized by the platform EECA Link and then get first hand information on the evolution of health research in this region as well as cooperation opportunity in this area. This event in addition represented a perfect occasion for Taiwan Health NCP to expand its network and to present Taiwan health research to the participants.
(Prof. Peter Chang with a scientist from Belorussia)
On June 08th, Taiwan Health NCP joined the Health NCPs meeting organized by the European Commission in cooperation with Health-NCP-Net and shared experience with other Health NCPs from European and non-European countries.
 (Taiwan Health NCP delegates at Health NCPs meeting) 
(Health NCPs delegates and European Commission officers)
Finally, on June 10th, Taiwan Health NCP attended the FP7 Partnering event which was dedicated to consortium building. During that event, Taiwan Health NCP had the opportunity to make an oral presentation underlining the topics some Taiwanese researchers were interested in and to participate actively to bilateral meetings in order to find potential partners and to help Taiwanese scientists to join research consortium.
(Taiwan Health NCP presentation during Health Partnering event)

For information:


-          The final version of the 2012 Work Programme is due to be published in

July 2011 through two calls for proposals (both following the two-stage

procedure), with an estimated total budget of about €650 million (to

be confirmed). Proposals will be evaluated in late 2011 and early 2012.


-          The 2012 Work Programme, within the aims of the Europe 2020 strategy

and the realisation of the Innovation Union, supports the fundamental

objectives of EU research policy:

• Improving health of European citizens,

• Increasing competitiveness of European health-related

industries and businesses,

• Addressing global health issues, including emerging epidemics.

• 15 topics out of 29 (research) topics are SME-targeted1, with just

over 50% of the 2012 call budget2.

Main priorities of the 2012 Work Programme will focus on:

• Ageing,

• Medical technologies,
• Rare diseases.
More information on the 2012 Work Programme and the related call(s)

will be available on CORDIS: http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/health