11/17(三)9:15~11:00 英國細菌專家Prof. Michael Wilson-Experience on Being a Coordinator of EU FP projects
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[發佈日期] 2010-11-05
[標題] 11/17(三)9:15~11:00 英國細菌專家Prof. Michael Wilson-Experience on Being a Coordinator of EU FP projects
演講人:英國細菌學專家Prof. Michael Wilson
演講主題:Experience on Being a Coordinator of EU FP projects
1.Prof. Michael Wilson的FP-7計畫的研究主題、內容
3. 經驗交流與Q&A
演講人Prof. Michael Wilson簡介(附件為詳細介紹):Prof. Michael Wilson is the Pro-Provost for Europe of University College London, Professor of Microbiology, Eastman Dental Institute, and Honorary Principal Bacteriologist, Eastman Dental Hospital.
His main research interests are indigenous microbiota of humans, antibiotic resistance, biofilms, bacterial virulence factors, and the development of new antimicrobial strategies. With regard to the latter, he has a particular interest in light-activated antimicrobial agents and their application to the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases - he has published more than 50 papers in this field. He is very interested in translational research and has applied for 11 patents for inventions in the fields of antimicrobial chemotherapy, lipopolysaccharide analysis and water purification and some of these have been licensed to various companies by UCL Business PLC. In 1990 he received the National Westminster/British Petroleum Innovation Award and in 1991 the Toshiba "Invention of the Year" Award for inventing a low-technology method of sterilising water for use in developing countries.
He has obtained more than £10 million in grant funding to support his research - major funding bodies have included MRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, Wellcome Trust, European Commission, British Heart Foundation, Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust and a number of commercial organizations.
Wednesday 17 November 2010 Host Venue
09:00 Arrive at  NTU College of MedicineProf Ji-Wang Chern
Dean, Office of R & DNTU College of Medicine

103 Lecturer Hall

09:15~09:30 NTU introduction
09:30~10:30 Speech:  Experience on Being a Coordinator of EU FP projects
1.      Research theme of  Prof. Wilson’s EU FP-7 project
2.      Research goal of Prof. Wilson’s EU FP-8 project
Prof. Show-Lin Chen
Chief, Department of Microbiology
10:30~11:00 Q&A, Discussion

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