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       -Welcome Letter-           
 Dear Colleagues and Friends,


On the behalf of the Taiwan Neuroblastoma Study Group (TNBSG), I am pleased to welcome you to join the 2015 Asia-Pacific Symposium of Neuroblastoma (APSN) to be held in Taipei, Taiwan at November 14.


APSN is an investigator-initiated scientific meeting that aims to share recent advances in neuroblastoma treatment, neuroscience, and developmental neurobiology.  The 1st symposium took place in 2013 at Yokohama, Japan and was organized by Prof. Kenji Kadomatsu of Nagoya University. Delegates from Japan, Taiwan, and Australia have deeply enjoyed the meeting and decided to continue the fruitful event after two years.  In 2015, we welcome scientists, physicians, and students who are interested in neuroblastoma and related topics to join the meeting in Taipei and to share their latest information, development, challenges, and modern technology.


The meeting will also invite international leaders in the field of neuroblastoma research to share their latest advances in neuroblastoma research, including

- Prof. Glenn Marshall, Sydney Children's Hospital, Sydney, Australia

- Prof. Hideki Enomoto, Kobe University, Kobe, Japan

- Prof. Alice L. Yu, UCSD, USA and Chang Gung University, Taiwan

- Prof. Godfrey Chi-fung Chan, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China


Our goal is to bring together the scientists and physicians from universities, research centers, and industries from all over the Asia-Pacific region and to offer an informative and attractive symposium joining different cultures and knowledge together.  We look forward to seeing you at the Asia-Pacific Symposium of Neuroblastoma.


Sincerely Yours,


Wen-Ming Hsu, MD, PhD
2015 APSN Organizing Committee
Division of Pediatric Surgery
Department of Surgery
National Taiwan University Hospital
Tel:+886 2 23123456 ext 71817
7 Chung Shan S Rd. Taipei 10002, Taiwan
      -Scientific Program-       
--Oral presentation-- 
November 14 (Saturday)  
Venue: Auditorium Socretes, GIS NTU Convention Center
Time Topic   No.   Speaker
08:00–08:30 Registration, poster mounting, and slide upload    
08:30–08:40 Opening Ceremony    Wei-Jao Chen  
      Hong-Nerng Ho   
Akira Nakagawara
08:40–09:30 Keynote (1)  Moderator: Kenji Kadomatsu    
  Pathogenetic mechanisms underlying the autonomic neurocristopathies   K-01  Hideki Enomoto
09:30–10:00 Oral Session (1)  Moderator: Dong-Tsamn Lin    
09:30–09:45 The progress and visions of JNBSG   O-01 Akira Nakagawara
09:45–10:00 Outcome analysis of children with neuroblastoma between 2003 and 2012 in the era after introduction of modern risk-stratified treatment protocol: A report from the Taiwan Pediatric Oncology Group   O-02 Rong-Long Chen
10:00–10:25 Group photo and Coffe Break    
10:25–11:10 Oral Session (2) Moderator: Takehiko Kamijo    
10:25–10:40 Analysis of the clinical outcome of high-risk neuroblastoma: Results from the a late phase II study of Japan Neuroblastoma Study Group (JNBSG) JN-H-07   O-03 Tomoro Hishiki


MR-PET in Children with neuroblastoma
- Preliminary Results of 18F-FDOPA MR-PET

  O-04 Steven Shinn-Forng Peng
10:55–11:10 A new therapeutic strategy of neuroblastoma by Liquid biopsy   O-05 Tomoko Iehara
11:10–12:00 Keynote (2)  Moderator: Akira Nakagawara    
GD2-targeted immunotherapy of neuroblastoma    K-02 Alice L. Yu 
12:00–13:30 LUNCHEON  (La Maison du Aubergine, Fl. 2, GIS NTU Convention Center)
13:30–14:20 Keynote (3) Moderator: James S Miser     
  The MYCN oncogene in neuroblastoma: Mechanism to therapy    K-03 Glenn Marshall
14:20–15:05 Oral Session (3) Moderator: Hsinyu Lee    
14:20–14:35 Unusual suspects identified in neuroblastoma – An unexpected cell death pathway    O-06 Chen Zhi Xiong
14:35–14:50 ALK inhibition enhances NLRR1/EGFR pathway dependency with nucleolus alteration in neuroblastoma   O-07 Shunpei Satoh
14:50–15:05 Update the roles of glycolytic inhibitors in the treatment of neuroblastoma   O-08 Jiin-Haur Chuang
15:05–16:05 Poster Session and Coffee break      
  Moderator:  Godfrey CF Chan    
                     Yung-Feng Liao     
16:05–16:30 Keynote (4) Moderator: Christina L. Chang    
  Targeting neuroblastoma and its microenvironment with novel approaches 
  K-04 Godfrey CF Chan
16:30–17:30 Oral Session (4) Moderator: Hsueh-Fen Juan     
16:30–16:45 Genomic characterization of aggressive subtypes of neuroblastoma with 11q partial loss    O-09 Miki Ohira
16:45–17:00 Epigenetic and gene expression analysis of the crucial early events for neuroblastoma tumorigenesis in MYCN-Tg mice   O-10 Shoma Tsubota
17:00–17:15 The roles of innate immunity in the treatment of neuroblastoma   O-11 Li-Ling Lin
17:15–17:30 Identification of ALK-binding phosphotyrosine-containing proteins as the critical regulators of oncgenic properties of neuroblasotma cells   O-12 Arata Tomiyama
17:30–17:40 Closing Remarks   Fon-Jou Hsieh            
      Kenji Kadomatsu    
      Wen-Ming Hsu 
 --Poster presentation--
November 14 (Saturday)  
Venue: Auditorium Socretes, GIS NTU Convention Center
Time Topic   No.   Speaker
08:00–16:00 Effects of MAPK inhibitors on neuroblastoma    P-01 Mayumi Higashi
08:00–16:00 Determination of timing of surgery based on IDRF: an observation study for low risk neuroblastomas (JN-L-10)    P-02 Shigehisa Fumino
08:00–16:00 KIR-ligand incompatibility in the graft-versus-host direction improves progression-free survival in patients with primary high risk neuroblastoma after umbilical cord blood transplantation with nonmyeloablative conditioning    P-03 Yoshiyuki Takahashi
08:00–16:00 Feasibility of delayed local control treatment in Patient with High Risk Neuroblastoma: Report of a Pilot study from the Japan Neuroblastoma study group (JN-H-05)    P-04 Hiroyuki Shichino
08:00–16:00 Neuroblastoma sphere specific gene regulates stemness pathway for cancer stem cells    P-05 Hisanori Takenobu
08:00–16:00 H1FX is a potent downstream factor of midkine in neuroblastoma    P-06 Satoshi Kishida
08:00–16:00 Expression of MYCN mRNA in early neuroblastoma development of MYCN-transgenic mice    P-07 Yosuke Komata
08:00–16:00 DC-Dependent efficient prevention of spontaneous neuroblastoma in MYCN transgenic mice    P-08 Naonori Kawakubo
08:00–16:00 Proteomic analysis of high-risk neuroblastoma identifies nuclear distribution protein C as a marker of differentiation and prognosis     P-09 Loh Hong Pheng Amos
08:00–16:00 The HIPPO pathway and neuroblastomas    P-10 Chang Tou En Kenneth
08:00–16:00 Integrative genomic analyses reveal aberrant nucleotide and amino acid metabolism in high-risk neuroblastoma    P-11 Chen-Tsung Huang
08:00–16:00 Unveiling MYCN regulatory network in neuroblastoma by integrative analysis of heterogenous genomics data    P-12 Chia-Lang Hsu
08:00–16:00 LncRNA co-expression network in neuroblastoma    P-13 Divya Sahu
08:00–16:00 Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Suppresses Tumor Progression of Neuroblastoma     P-14  Pei-Yi Wu
08:00–16:00 CPEB1 functions as a tumor suppressor in neuroblastoma cells through inhibition on proliferation and invasion    P-15 Ya-Hui Tsai
08:00–16:00    P-16 Chan Shing
08:00–16:00    P-17 Jiamin Cao