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Small Group Discussion
by 古鎔愷 2012-01-15 01:08:17, Reply(3), Views(3782)
This is by far my most favorite lessons in this semester. I believe that this lesson is also the most useful and very relevant to what we will face in the future and I am going to share my reflections on this course.

During the course, we discussed topics like organ donation, surrogate mothers and even topics not directly medical-related such as legalization of prostitution. Our teacher advocate such discussions as well because he felt that as doctors, we should care for our society more and we should learn what the others are facing and the problems they have, so that we can help them, being people who can in the future influence the formation of policies.

I learn the invaluable lesson on communication skills during the group discussions. Being able to formulate different ideas is vital during discussion, but what is more important is the persuasion in your points. I think it is vital that the other people in the group can understand what I am talking about and this requires effective communication skills. Learning this enable us to communicate more effectively with our patients and put across complicated ideas simply so that our patients can understand. During lessons, we have learnt that the main reason why we got into trouble with patients and why we are sued is due to miscommunication with our patients. This is what group discussion tries to teach us and I believe that I have learnt invaluable lessons from the course.

Furthermore, group discussion also teaches us the invaluable lesson of tolerance as we need to agree with different point of views and criticism on our viewpoints and therefore, we must be good listeners and this applies too, when we face our patients in the future, when they criticise us or when we listen to them describe their symptoms.

I am very confident that group discussions can make us a better doctor in the future.
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